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Dinner Workshop

Monday, April 4, 6:15 - 8:45 pm

Root Cause Analysis in Healthcare Informatics and Analytics – The Search for Drivers of Cost and Utilization

Data seems to be everywhere, but it can be overwhelming – EMRs, EHRs, spreadsheets, claims reports, billing systems, pharmacy claims, etc.! How can you make the best use of all this healthcare data to discover the root causes behind drivers of cost and utilization?  Much like the yellow brick road, you need a place to start and a path to follow understand the root cause of cost drivers. This learning event will provide insights on the process of data-driven root cause analysis. With a data-driven root cause analysis process, the need for process or workflow change can be supported visually and concretely to support organizational buy-in. Leaders focused on the transformation of healthcare processes to improve cost and utilization will benefit from this application-focused event.


  • Attendees will look at how to use and apply data-driven root cause analysis processes to uncover the events that cause unnecessary or wasteful cost and utilization.
  • Understand how the resulting insights can then be used guide process changes throughout the organization
  • Understand the benefits of data-driven root cause analysis
  • Understand the process steps to conduct data-driven root cause analysis
  • How to apply data-driven root cause analysis to guide process or workflow changes


Experts and those new to the field from providers, payers, technology vendors, biomedical scientists, academic researchers, informaticists and national health organizations responsible for designing, changing or validating new care delivery processes to control costs and utilization.

Anyone involved in analyzing, interpreting and using healthcare data to make decisions to control utilization. And most especially senior leaders who need to guide and lead data driven organizations.


  • Introduction
    Brief Introduction to Root Cause Analysis (RCA), Historic Use in Healthcare
    Confounding variables, considering social/political/cultural contexts and other ‘gotchas’ to uncovering cost drivers
    Blinded by ‘what is’ instead of focusing on ‘what can be’
    How RCA can be used to uncover cost and utilization drivers 
  • RCA in a less than perfect setting
    First – What’s the Question?
    Using data you have – ‘dirty’ or ‘clean’ or ‘dark’
    Correlation or Causation in an RCA 
  • RCA Influence on Process Change
    Applying what you have uncovered
    Testing and Validation of RCA Findings
    Active Assessment During Process Change Implementation
  • Did Your RCA Work to Uncover Cost Drivers?
    Evaluation and Measurement
    ‘Failure’ to Move Costs is a Success in Learning


Patricia IngerickPatricia Ingerick, MBA, MSHS, Director, The Geneia Institute

Pat holds an MBA degree from Lebanon Valley College, an MSHS degree with a major in Clinical Management and Leadership from George Washington University, and a certification in Lean Six Sigma from Villanova University. She is currently pursuing her D. Ed. Degree in Adult Education from Penn State University. Her expertise spans a variety of areas including Information Technology, Process Improvement and Design, Project Management, Education and Healthcare Transformation.

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