Keynote Session

Monday, April 4

Obtaining Insights and Improving Outcomes with IT Innovation

8:00 Organizer’s Welcome & Chairperson’s Remarks

Micah_LiebermanMicah Lieberman, Executive Director, Conferences, Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) & Medical Informatics World

Gowtham_RaoGowtham Rao, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical Informatics Officer, BlueCross BlueShield of SC



8:10 Step Away from the EHR and Innovate!

Marko NickNicholas Marko, M.D., Chief Data Officer (CDO), Geisinger Health System

Mass adoption of electronic health records (EHRs) was an important first step toward unlocking the potential for discovery and innovation that was previously trapped in mountains of paper. Unfortunately, somewhere along the path to a data-driven revolution in healthcare, many decided that this digital platform for recording and aggregating data should also become the hub of analytics and informatics. Rather than continuing to coerce a digital record-keeping system into a robust analytics platform, isn’t it time that we focus on getting data out of the EHR and into the vast world where data-driven innovation can truly thrive? Come along on a journey through this landscape as we explore the present and future of analytics in an environment unbounded by the inherent constraints of electronic health records.

8:40 Unlocking Patient and Provider Experience: What’s Technology Got to Do With It?

Adrienne_BoissyAdrienne Boissy, M.D., Chief Experience Officer, Director, Center for Excellence in Healthcare Communication, Cleveland Clinic; Editor in Chief, Journal of Patient Experience

Healthcare organizations across the country are thinking about how to maximize patient outcomes, engage their clinicians, and leverage technology. Truth of the matter is that new ways of thinking about our practice and appropriate use of technology can have an enormous impact. Key to this, however, is bringing clinicians to the table to use it, build it, and know when old fashioned methods are actually the most effective. We’ll talk about our patient experience initiatives, innovations to drive performance of our caregivers and patient outcomes, and key tactics for engaging experienced clinicians.

9:10 Designing Health Systems that Learn

Jason_BurkeJason Burke, System VP & Chief Analytics Officer, UNC Health Care

Many health industry leaders and practitioners acknowledge the desire to become more data driven.  Though most organizations lack a strategy – or even a definition – of a “learning health system,” the concept of capturing real-world experiences in order to improve the quality and cost of care resonates equally with providers and payers.  Research has demonstrated that most forms of learning share attributes such as being process-driven, contextual, time-sensitive, and iterative.  These attributes among others suggest that the next generation of health transformation requires disruption to the current reliance on department-level workflow, discrete software applications, and historical reporting in favor of new processes for collecting, analyzing, and institutionalizing medical experiences.

9:40 The Future of Interoperability

Micky TripathiMicky Tripathi, President & CEO, Massachusetts eHealth Collaborative

2016 is a pivotal year for interoperability. With a delay in Meaningful Use Stage 3 and new economic imperatives to share data for coordinated care, the private sector has taken back the innovation that has been co-opted by regulation for several years. From accelerated standards making to novel application program interfaces, the efforts of 2016 will shape the future of the way we share healthcare data. In this keynote, the speaker will share the five great enablers and the five remaining barriers to data liquidity among patients, providers, and payers.

10:10 Coffee Break in the Exhibit Hall with Poster Viewing