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2015 Dinner Workshops

Monday, May 4, 2015
6:20 - 9:00 pm

Workshop 1: Actionable Predictive Intelligence in Healthcare

Predictive analytics/intelligence provides a framework for narrowing the focus - on customers, resources, opportunities, and innovations. Understanding how and when to utilize predictive analytics, it can be used to customize marketing campaign optimization to patient engagement. In this dinner workshop attendees will learn:

  • Key data-driven information to seek to make an immediate impact for your organization 
  • What questions to ask? 
  • How to gather information from incomplete or "imperfect" data?
  • How to balance need for information with the time it might take to get the data? 
Who should attend this workshop? 

Anyone who wants to learn more about using data for impacting healthcare: analysts, clinical, medical, IT, business intelligence (BI). Anyone responsible for data strategy, predictive analytics, is facing analysis paralysis, have data but do not know where to start.


About Your Instructor: 

Dipti Patel-MisraDipti Patel-Misra, Ph.D., MBA, PCC, Founding Principal, Actionable Healthcare Insights (AHI); Executive-in-Residence, Health Informatics, UNC Charlotte

Dr. Patel-Misra has two decades experience with a unique background in healthcare finance, insurance, health economics, outcomes, informatics, and healthcare analytics, including senior leadership roles at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina, SAS, and Best Doctors. She specializes in strategically using analytical insights to drive enterprise objectives. Her key projects include episode analytics, personalized healthcare models, risk based clinical models, and predictive models. Dr. Patel-Misra is also a adjunct faculty and executive-in-residence at University of North Carolina, Charlotte, where she teaches and advises graduate students in the Health Informatics Program. She is also a leadership coach, advising rising stars in healthcare analytics on how to effectively transition from contributor to manager to executive. Dr. Patel-Misra earned her Ph.D. in chemistry at Johns Hopkins University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Carolina. She has her coaching certification from Healthcare Coaching Institute.


Workshop 2: Visual Analytics in Healthcare

Data is coming at your organization faster than text messages to a 14-year-old's smartphone. You need to communicate it correctly, clearly and compellingly to all of your stakeholders: patients, clinicians, administrators, regulators, payers and others. Unfortunately, they don’t teach you this stuff in school and it is not intuitive. Effectively communicating your data visually using tables and graphs is a skill, both technical and creative, to be learned and developed, like any other. And yet, the resources for learning and developing such skill are hard to find. Too often, the tables, graphs and dashboards used to communicate healthcare data are poorly designed, at best failing to and at worst even incorrectly communicating the critical information used to measure performance, educate and inform patients and identify the right opportunities for change and improvement to our healthcare systems. In healthcare, perhaps more than any other industry, we just can’t afford poor data analysis and communication. And, although you may never create the reports and dashboards used by your institution, you must set a clear vision and commitment to the best practices of data analysis and communication in order to lead a truly data driven organization.

In this interactive presentation we will explore the integral role that technology, design and data visualization expertise, and healthcare knowledge each play in the effective communication of healthcare data. You will learn the science behind how we see and understand information and simple yet powerful ways to display and communicate information so that the opportunities are clear and people are moved to action.

Tables, Graphs and Dashboards
Too often, the tables and graphs used to communicate healthcare data are poorly designed, at best failing to and at worst even incorrectly communicating the critical information used to measure performance, educate and inform patients, and identify the right opportunities for change and improvement to our healthcare systems. Incorporating examples of actual healthcare data here’s a summary of what you’ll learn:

  • Historical contributions to the visual communication of healthcare data and information
  • Common mistakes in table and graph design, and how to avoid them 
  • Best practices of table and graph design 
  • The most common dashboard design mistakes 
  • How to use human visual perceptions to design effective dashboards 
  • The guiding principles of dashboard design 
  • The features of a well-designed dashboard

Who should attend this workshop?
Anyone involved in analyzing, interpreting and using healthcare data to make decisions. And most especially senior leaders who need to guide and lead data driven organizations.

About Your Instructor: 

Katherine RowellKatherine Rowell, Co-Founder, Katherine S. Rowell & Associates and HealthDataViz

Katherine S. Rowell, M.S., M.H.A is co-founder and principal of Katherine S. Rowell & Associates and HealthDataViz, a Boston firm that specializes in helping healthcare organizations organize, design, and present visual displays of data to inform their decisions and stimulate effective action. She advises providers, payers, policymakers and regulatory agencies how to align systems, design reports, and develop staff to communicate healthcare data clearly. She made crucial contributions to the establishment of the Massachusetts General Hospital Codman Center for Clinical Effectiveness and the launching of the National Surgical Quality Improvement Program (300+ participating hospitals throughout the U.S. and Canada). Rowell has published numerous high-profile articles, and Unleash Your Inner Healthcare Data, her twice-monthly newsletter, has more than 1,500 passionate subscribers all over the world. Her clients, drawn from leading national and international healthcare organizations, include the Cleveland Clinic, Partners Healthcare, Baylor Healthcare, the World Health Organization, and the Children's Hospital Association. They and hundreds of other companies, organizations, and individuals seek out her public and private workshops, in-house training sessions, and private consulting services to learn the best practices of data visualization for healthcare professionals and other stakeholders. Kathy holds a BS in Business Management and a Master's in Health Administration from the University of New Hampshire, and an MS from Dartmouth Medical School. A former member of the faculty of Brandeis University's Medical Informatics Graduate Program, Kathy continues to serve on its Advisory Committee. She is a recipient of the prestigious Partners in Excellence Award for leadership and innovation.