Medical Informatics World Conference Track #2 

Coordinated Patient Care, Engagement and Empowerment


Delivering Care to Patients and Consumers in all Settings to Improve Outcomes


Coverage Includes: 

  • Predictive analytics to reduce unnecessary re-admissions: Coordinating inpatient, outpatient and home care
  • Patient/consumer engagement and the Medical Home: The new model for Personalized Medicine
  • Impact of the Blue Button on participatory medicine
  • Coordinating care and data: Retail clinics, pharmacies, health systems, home caregivers and patients
  • Health Pharmacies, Minute Clinics and Convenient Care: The leading edge of the consumerization of healthcare
  • The shifting economic paradigm in healthcare: How consumerism and patient choice will impact hospitals, medical practices, pharmacies, retail clinics, health plans
  • Patient/member portals: How conveniently connecting patients/members to their data will become a market advantage
  • Utilizing lifestyle and environmental factors beyond medical care for assessing risk and improving patient compliance
  • The Quantified Self Movement: Analytics and Self-care management based on monitoring and predictive modeling of biometric data
  • Consumer and Patient empowerment: How data and insights can lead to increased empowerment
  • Gamification in healthcare and Wellness Programs: Engaging patients for improved adherence and wellness

Parallel Conference Tracks: 

Track #1: Provider-Payer-Pharma Cross-Industry Data Collaboration
Track #2: Coordinated Patient Care, Engagement and Empowerment
Track #3: Population Health Management and Quality Improvement
Track #4: Security and Access of Healthcare Data
Track #5: Leveraging mHealth, Telehealth and the Cloud   
Track #6: Building Enterprise Architecture and Hospital Information Systems 

If you are interested in offering a presentation, please click here to submit a speaking proposal.
Deadline for proposal submission is September 12, 2014. 

All proposals are subject to review by the Scientific Advisory Committee to ensure the highest quality of the conference program. Please note that due to limited speaking slots, preference is given to healthcare payers, healthcare providers, hospitals and research centers, biopharmaceutical companies, regulators and those from academia. Additionally, vendors/consultants who provide products and services to these companies and institutions are offered opportunities for podium presentation slots based on a variety of Corporate Sponsorships. 

For questions or suggestions about the meeting, please contact: 

Micah Lieberman
Executive Director, Conferences
Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI) & Bio-IT World
T: (+1) 541.482.4709

For media and association partnerships, please contact: 

Kaushik (KC) Chaudhuri
Director of Product Marketing
Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)
T: (+1) 781.972.5419

Jaime Hodges
Marketing Manager
Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)
T: 781.972.5429

For partnering and sponsorship information, please contact: 

Katelin Fitzgerald (Companies A-K)
Business Development Manager
Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)
T: (+1) 781.972.5458
Mobile: (+1) 857.636.8188

Elizabeth Lemelin (Companies L-Z)
Business Development Manager
Cambridge Healthtech Institute (CHI)
T:  (+1) 781.972.1342

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